Is Kodi legal in the UK?

Is Kodi legal in the UK?

The man from Teeside got hit with the bill of 250,000 euros for selling the entirely loaded Kodi packs to the clubs and pubs. Malcolm Mayes, belong to the Hartlepool, was guilty of selling the Kodi packs which had been varied to permit users to see the stuff which must be paid for independently.

The packs cost about 1,000 for each, made his customers enabled to stream the online paid videos and other content including the live Premier League football matches, free of cost. Mayes wrongly claimed that they were totally legal.

According to the chairman of National Trading Standard, Lord Toby said that the state hopes that this conviction delivers a clear message that the criminal act doesn’t pay. He further stated that he would also send the warning to any person or business who is found involved in selling or working on any device which breaks the copyright law.

The purchases of Kodi packs have reached to the height of talks in the UK during last few months, with a lot of British using the devices for watching the premium paid TV shows, online sports and movies without leaving out for the expensive subscription charges. But with this news that users are being sent to jails and now convicted for selling the entirely loaded Kodi packs, most of the people are interrogating that if they own one, will it be legal to use it? It is a critical issue because Kodi packs are not illegal, but people can use them illegally to stream the content online. To clarify the things here is some genuine info provided.

What about Kodi?

Kodi is a free content or media player or streaming player which can be run on any laptop, smartphone, or tablet, and allows users to stream the videos, music and TV shows online. A Kodi pack is a set-top box or HDMI stick in which Kodi media player is already installed. Kodi itself is an open source program, and as the GPL (General Public License) is followed, you are allowed to do with it whatever you want to.

Is it legal?

The program is totally legal, nor selling the Kodi packs or Kodi devices is illegal. But, most of the Kodi devices come loaded with the 3rd party add-ons and plug-ins which allow users to stream content in a pirated way. Selling these entirely loaded devices is a breakage of copyright rules, and the Designs and Patent Act 1988.

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